Muslim Herbal Hair Life Hair Fertilization Oil

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OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
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Aloe Vera, Dead Sea Salt, Emu oil, Glycerin, Green Tea, Pearl, Shea Butter
Acne Treatment, Anti-Wrinkle, Black Head Remover, Blemish Clearing, Deep Cleansing, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Pigmentation Correctors, Pore Cleaner, Whitening
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The Muslim Ayurved Presents for the first time ever the complete solution for Hair->Hair Care,Hair fall & fertilization.


The Muslim Ayurvedic Presents for the first time ever the complete 3 in one soloution for human (male & female) hair –


    1.  Hair fall Control.
    2. Hair fartilization.
    3. Hair care.

The Muslim Herbal Hair Life Hair Fartilizer Oil



General information on our Neem Herbal Face Wash:

When a disease infects hair follicles it inhibits their function, thereby disturbing growth of hair so that hairs grow slowly, become thin, sparse, short and weak. When the disease is unchecked, hair begins to fall and crack, and when the disease penetrates the hair follicles all through, they stop producing hair and hence the scalp gradually goes bald.

After baldness has occurred the disease continues to infect neighboring hair follicles so that in time all hair follicles are destroyed.

Hair follicles are destroyed from 10% to 100% in increments or 11 stages of 10 per cent in graduating baldness: :

  • Follicles’ growth stopped but not destroyed
  • 10% destroyed hair follicles
  • 20% destroyed hair follicles
  • 30% destroyed hair follicles
  • 40% destroyed hair follicles
  • 50% destroyed hair follicles
  • 60% destroyed hair follicles
  • 70% destroyed hair follicles
  • 80% destroyed hair follicles
  • 90% destroyed hair follicles
  • 99% destroyed hair follicles


Hair follicles can get cured up to 99% with Muslim’s Herbal Hair Oil Hair Life. Hair follicles of Stage 1 get cured and are activated within 40 to 60 days of use of Muslim’s Hair Life Herbal Hair Oil. The new hairs sprouting are very thin and silky which gradually grow to the matured firmness and full colour of the original hair type due to fully developed and cured hair follicles.

The upgrading of the remaining destroyed hair follicles follows with continual treatment with the oil, i.e. the 10% destroyed hair follicles are upgraded to Stage 1 and 20% destroyed hair follicles recover to 10% recovery stage and so on in all the stages.

Muslim’s Herbal Hair Life Hair Care Oilà

opens blocked capillaries thus improves the blood circulation of the scalp that gradually restores lost color & prevent further grey hair. Grey hair treatment oil gives necessary nourishment to the roots of hair, moisturize the hair and scalp which helps to prevent the further graying of hair. Herbal hair oil repairs damaged pigments to treat gray hair.



Cressa Cretica 10 %,  Berberis aristata 10 %, Eclipta alba 5 %, Vitex negundo 5 %, Bacopa monniera 5 %, Azadirachta Indica Q.S


Directions for use:

  • Shake well properly before use.
  • Hairs and scalp should be properly dried before application.
  • Use the oil according to your scalp requirement only. ( Not in excess, nor too little but moderately & evenly )
  • 100 ml bottle lasts at least 3 months & up to 5 months maximum according to individual requirements.
  • Inspect your bald scalp daily before application.
  • Use the oil twice a day in the morning and at night regularly without fail.
  • Take 1-2 drops each on 1st and 2nd fingertips and apply on scalp. Again take 1-2 drops and apply till the whole affected scalp is covered properly.
  • Then gently massage with gentle fingertips for 30 sec. to 1 minute during applications. ( Do not rub vigorously )




Muslim’s Herbal Hair Life Hair Care Oil contains highly potent Ayurvedic medicine that is harmless to the scalp and existing hair, but simultaneously works on the location of the dead follicles, thus reactivating them by stimulating the generation of natural protein or Keratin. Its prolonged use is indicated only in severe conditions or cases of complete baldness.

A shiny and slippery bald pate is scalp whose epidermis is considered like ‘steel’, when it is known to possess impenetrability, i.e. having the passages for hair growth completely closed—so that growth of hair from the follicles neither find any channel to extend itself in growth, nor allow medicine to probe and enter the dermis.

The neighboring hair bearing follicles whose holes or passages are wide enough pass the medicine on to the dead hair follicles whose passage is closed, but whose subcutaneous link with neighboring follicles is accessible. This is the subcutaneous route the medicine takes to reach the dead hair follicles.

New hair growth eventually occurs as the follicles get activated. But it takes time for fine silky hair to have strength enough to penetrate the steel like scalp from inside the dermis.

The hairs that have gone first come last and hair gone last come first—is the order in which hair re-growth occurs. It must be remembered that one must not wet the whole head with oil but wet the fingertips in a few drops of Sanjivani Oil and gently massage the scalp with the fingertips.